Extruder, Scientific-and-Production Enterprise, Limited Liability Company

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    2 а Vysokohirna str., c. Kharkiv, 61066, Ukraine
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General Director – Vasyl V. Sulima
Commercial Director - Kuvika Maks

Scientific-and-Production Enterprise "Extruder" deals with development and introduction of technologies in the field of farm product processing.

The enterprise has manufactured the unique equipment for obtaining vegetable oil from any kind of oil-yielding crops.

Besides the enterprise provides a series of auxiliary equipment, intended for filtration, bottling and capping of vegetable oil, as well as for transportation and cleaning of farm grain crops.

All the equipment can be used as a whole oil production complex. The company also produces plastic processing facilities to individual orders.

Scientific-and-Production Enterprise "Extruder" has been working since 1991. It was launched by a group of research engineers for manufacture of the equipment, invented and patented by them. The equipment is based in the idea of obtaining vegetable oil from any kind of oil-bearing crops, not using an expensive auxiliary equipment, therefore reducing expenses on power supply and operator staff.

At the beginning of its activity "Extruder" was a small enterprise. Its working staff accommodated in two rooms, manufacture of components and their assembly were conducted on the rented space of state enterprises. "Extruder" team had nothing but the original idea and self-confidence. Now, after so many years of hard work, "Extruder" has a complete settling cycle, its own plant space and administrative body. Its working staff consists of highly qualified engineers and workers. Supervision is conducted by specialists with academic degrees.

Along with the improvement the enterprise is continuously extending product supply geography, examining new markets and seeking for partners to launch joint ventures abroad. Due to the necessity of output increase "Extruder" is employing young specialists, expanding plant and storage space, renewing machine stock, wing modern technologies. At present, "Extruder" is a recognized leader at the former Soviet Union’s market for agricultural equipment and it is also a serious competitor to foreign analogues.

The advantage of "Extruder" equipment in comparison with western patterns lies in the following:
- Price: short payback period, as the price is 5-7 times lower than that of western analogues, while the quality is the same;
- Compactness: overall dimensions of the equipment cause its low space requirements (25-30 sq. m for an extrusion press, about 60 sq. m for a complete cycle complex);
- Mounting simplicity: no need for placing the equipment on a special platform, a solid floor is enough; a “turn-key” project is possible if a complete cycle complex is ordered;
- Operations simplicity: one operator only is required for 10 extrusion presses or 1 complete cycle complex;
- Adjustment simplicity: within 2 hours the press equipment is adjusted to any of 27 given technologies for oil obtaining from various oil-bearing crops;
- Reliability: long-term use of the equipment among consumers confirms its reliability and guarantees quality of realizable products;
- Universality: owing to the peculiar construction the equipment can be used as a whole complete cycle complex, separately and combined with other manufacturers' equipment;
- Quality: if processing the qualitative raw material the equipment produces high quality products confirmed by quality certificates and certificates of compliance. To guarantee high quality all components are manufactured by the enterprise under supervision of Quality Control Department;
- Production terms: a standard equipment is delivered within 2 days from the moment of payment, the equipment on special order is delivered within 20 days.

Owing to the above-mentioned features, the equipment is in demand and for many years has been working successfully in the former Soviet Union and in Far Eastern countries (in China, "Extruder" products are manufactured under the trade-mark "Sak-extruder").

Scientific-and-Production Enterprise possesses a vast work experience at the market of the former Soviet Union, many scientific work patterns and practical recommendations in the field of farm product processing. " Extruder " is ready to provide the equipment and to undertake obligations on guarantee and post-guarantee service.

We are ready for a serious and long cooperation!

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