League of Business Women, Donetsk Oblast Organization

  • Address:
    45, Artema str., c. Donetsk, 83085, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 334-20-43, 334-34-43
  • Web-site:
Head - Lyudmyla Gorova

Registration Date: 1997
Status: city

The Shakhtarsk city organization "League of Business and Professional Women" is a non-commercial, non-political organization of women – specialists and professionals in different spheres of activity.
The League collaborates with local authorities, public organizations, which support democratic changes in the city and Ukraine in general and protect interests of women.
As a result of collaboration with the International Business Center “IPTEX” and Center for Social Adaptation ofFformer Military Officers, League representatives realized that successful business requires previous training. They created a flexible system of re-training, which takes into account interests, capabilities and age of a person. The League organizes round tables on entrepreneurship development issues, actively participates in implementation of programs and projects targeted at development of leadership skills of Ukrainian women.