Union of Entrepreneurs of Kirovohrad Oblast

  • Address:
    54 Shevchenko str., c. Kirovograd, 25006, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0522) 24-04-77, 55-52-69
Registration Date: 1996
Status: oblast

- Assistance to the development and expansion of entrepreneurship structure, commercial and economic links in the oblast, creation of favorable environment for entrepreneurial entities;
- Research of the current state and development prospects of the market of goods and services;
- Legal support and protection of economic, professional and social interests of the Union members at all levels of governmental and economic management;
- Consolidation and coordination of entrepreneurial activity;
- Consultative and legal support, provision of necessary legislative information;
- Informational and legal assistance to the Union members in privatization of enterprises, fixed assets, land, buildings and other property;
- Establishment of direct links between companies and small business circles of Ukraine and foreign countries, development of collaboration with entrepreneurial unions, associations and funds;
- Assistance in licensing of entrepreneurial activity and registration of small enterprises;
- Assistance in resolution of conflicts between the Union members;
- Representation of members' interests in executive authorities, governmental structures and other organizations and institutions.