East Star, Association of International Business Assistance, Luhansk Oblast Public Organization

  • Address:
    17/22 Lyutykova block, c. Krasnodon, Krasnodon distr., Lugansk reg., 94400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06435) 2-81-71
President - Natalia Kononovych

Registration Date: 2000
Status: oblast

- Protection of legal social,economic, creative, national-cultural and other joint interests of the members of the organization;
- Assistance in establishment and development of mutually beneficial business, economic and cultural relations between Ukrainian and foreign enterprises and firms;
- Support of the socially unprotected strata of society;
- Creation of new jobs;
- Collaboration with different public and financial institutions, organizations and enterprises;
- Dissemination of information and promotion of the ideas and objectives of the organization.