Brody Union of Entrepreneurs, Enterprise Development Center

  • Address:
    #4 Zaliznychna str., c. Brody, Lviv reg., 80600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03266) 4-18-10, 4-32-24
Head of the Union - Ivan Doskoch
Deputy Head of the Union, Director of the Entreprise Development Center - Bohdan Semchuk

Registration Date: 1998
Status: regional

- Overall support to the establishment and development of private entrepreneurship in Brody and the region;
- Training programs on the basics of market economy;
- Organization of training courses for young people, start-up businessmen and the unemployed;
- Informational, consulting and technical support;
- Organization of seminars and conferences;
- Publication of the “Bulletin of Entrepreneur”;
- Participation in the development and implementation of regional programs.