Prydunavya, Association of Farmers

  • Address:
    141a, Suvorova ave., c. Ismail, Odesa reg., 68600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04841) 5-34-69, 5-35-92
Head - Raisa Volik
Accountant - Liliya Nesterova

Registration Date: 1999
Status: district

The Association of farmers "Prydunavya" of the Izmail district of Odesa oblast is an independent voluntary organization, which unites farmers, employees of private, cooperative and other non-governmental enterprises and organizations, which form farming infrastructure and serve farming enterprises.

Assist the development of mass farming movement in Izmail district of Odesa oblast, consolidate efforts of its members and progressive part of the society, in order to support the creation and development of market-based competitive economies in agricultural sector, which would be based on private land property;

Protect economic and social interests of its members;

Introduce proposals on land reform through collaboration with the Republican Farmers’ Organization and deputies of all levels to local authorities;

Assist agricultural reform in the oblast;

Help local authorities and land management services in creating funds of reserve lands, pass them to farmers as property or in temporary usage and on terms provided for by the legislation in force;

Organize financial and crediting assistance;

Assist in organization of material and technical support of farms, creation of agroservicing, production, selling, processing and other cooperative societies and associations;

Assist the Association members in breeding the best varieties of plants and animals;

Under Association a Credit Union "Prydunavya" has been set up. It gives credits to the farmers for purchase of seeds, fuel and lubricants, means of plant protection. Canadian Program, supporting the development of credt unions in Ukraine, actively collaborates with the Credit Union.
"Delta" service cooperative, which is operating under Association, is being registered now.
Association takes part in the pilot project MISA (Market Information System in Agriculture), financed by the Agricultural Enterprises and Rural Population Support Project of Ministry on International Development of Great Britain.
We are actively cooperating with the Dutch firm "Simenes", which conducts training on vegetable growing.