Entrepreneurs’ Association of Odesa Oblast

  • Address:
    #4, Seminarska str., c. Odesa, 65044, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0482) 28-63-90, 28-63-91, 28-63-92, 28-63-93
President - Mykhailo Tuz
President Assistant - Olena Liubars'ka

Registration Date: 1997
Status: oblast

- Work with authorities in order to create favorable legislative environment for small and medium business development;
- Analyze the influence of new legislative acts directly on entrepreneurs, through public organizations and SCRPE ombudsmen;
- Provide free consultations on audit and legislation;
- Provide services in marketing and management;
- Participate in the development of marketing plans, market and SWOT analysis;
- Develop marketing strategies, products and services advertising;
- Assist in creating a package of documents for obtaining a bank credit, including representative American and European banks and funds, registered in Ukraine;
- Provide consultations and participate in the development of business plans for obtaining a currency loan or attracting direct investments;
- Provide information about foreign business partners, their proposals on cooperation in the sphere of business, trade and investment;
- Work with investments and securities;
- Participate in conferences, seminars and other events, related to the issues of SMEs.