Association for Protection of Private Entrepreneurs' Rights

  • Address:
    79 Ushakova str., c. Kherson, 73000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0552) 22-27-09, 27-46-47
Executive Director - Gennadiy Akimov
Head of the Supervisory Board - Mykhailo Andrievsky

Registration Date: 1996
Status: city

Association for Protection of Private Entrepreneurs' Rights is a member of oblast and city Coordination Councils on Entrepreneurship Development, the city Business Club, and the city Council of Economic Development. The Association’s members actively cooperate with deputies on all levels, and are members of the City Executive Committee and its working groups in the following spheres: trade activity, community property utilization, land management, and transport servicing.

- Protect the interests of SMEs in state bodies, self-regulating authorities, court, and law-enforcement structures;
- Provide entrepreneurs with consultations on the existing legislation;
- Conduct training programs for entrepreneurs in cooperation with business centers;
- Conduct seminars and conferences;
- Cooperate with local mass media.