Farmers Association of Kakhovka District

  • Address:
    18 Krasnoarmiyska str., c. Kakhovka, Kherson reg., 74800, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05536) 3-36-63
President - Vitaliy Kavun
Executive Director - Lidiya Katrechko

Registration Date: 1994
Status: district

Farmers Association of Kakhovka District is a voluntary, public, non-commercial organization.

The major directions of the Association’s activity are the following:
- Protection of legal rights and financial-economic interests of farmers and private agricultural businesses;
- Assistance to start-ups in farming business;
- Assistance in organizing the material and technical supplies;
- Creation of environment favorable for crops sales;
- Representing farmers’ interests in state bodies and public organizations;
- Active participation in re-organization of the collective agricultural enterprises of the district;
- Organization of trade shows in the district.