Association of Women in Business

  • Address:
    2/2 Kosiora str., c. Khmelnytsky, 29000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0382) 76-43-41
Head of the Board - Natalia Rokhova
Deputy Head - Maria Khomenko

Registration Date: 1996
Status: oblast

- Assist in economic, legal and social -psychological adaptation of the women in Khmelnytsky region under modern conditions;
- Integrate in the European and international community for solving problems, linked with different aspects of life of the contemporary woman in Khmelnytsky region;
- Co-operate with authorities with the purpose of creation of the favorable environment for the development of women's entrepreneurship;
- Help socially- unadapted women in mastering new possibilities for self-realization by starting up own business;
- Establish partner relations with national and international organizations for informational and experience exchange and for business co-operation;
- Conduct training programs on women's leadership, management and small business development;
- Conduct trainings and seminars, targeted at improvement of professional skills and knowledge, succesful running of own business and its efficient management;
- Conduct sociological research on the position of women in Khmelnytsky.