Chernihiv Consulting Center

  • Address:
    51 Myru ave., 1st floor, c. Chernigiv, 14005, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0462) 60-18-66, 67-85-67
The Chernihiv Consulting Center is a consulting company, established in 1999 under the auspices of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), with financial support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Chernihiv Consulting Center's mission is to:
- Strengthen the private and non-government sector of the economy;
- Raise public awareness of private business' importance and role to the community;
- Increase the level of knowledge of current 'market economy' business practices to members of the business community;
- Provide advisory support to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region;
- Assist in the attraction of investment to the region.

The Chernihiv Consulting Center staff consists of a team of 'seasoned' specialists, whose primary focus is providing consulting services to SMEs in the fields of:
- Management Consulting;
- Finance & Accounting;
- Marketing & Market Research;
- Human Resources.

Our comprehensive approach to assessing our clients' needs allows us to deliver the most relevant and customized mix of services to our clients. By evaluating an enterprise's activity and their business practices, we are able to take a holistic approach to analyzing their problems. Thus we can integrate the fields of finance, marketing, advertising and production into finding the 'right solutions' for our clients' needs.

The Chernihiv Consulting Center opened for business on April 27, 1999. Since then, it has delivered professional services and training to the Chernihiv business community in these strategic areas.

Business & Investment Planning:
- Strategic Planning;
- Investor and Partner Search;
- Evaluation of Investment Attractiveness;

Market Research:
- Competitive Analysis;
- Development and support of 'goods & services' promotion plans;
- Developing programs for increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise.

Finance and Accounting:
- Financial Analysis and Planning;
- Budget Planning & Development;
- Cost Analysis & Cost Management;
- Profitability Analysis.

Information Services:
- Partner Search;
- Database Search;
- Internet Services.

- Basic Business Skills Development;
- Development & Enhancement of Professional Skills;
- Development & Enhancement of Management & Executive Skills;

The Chernihiv Consulting Center is ready to meet your Business Needs. We are located in downtown Chernihiv in the former cinema, "Druzhba."

Our contact information & business hours:
Chernihiv Consulting Center
51 Lenin Street - 1st Floor
Chernihiv Ukraine 14000
Tel: (0462) 101-866
Fax: (0462) 101-867

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
24 Hour:

Director - Konstantin Ivanov

Consulting Services:

a) Business planning, investment proposals, marketing;
- Strategy and Business Plan Development;
- Investment Proposals;
- Market Research & Market Development;
- Evaluation of Business and Marketing Plans;
- Development and Implementation of Strategic Marketing Plans;
- Feasibility Studies for Project Innovation (technical, production, implementation etc.);
- Analysis of Pricing & Costing Policies.

b) Financial analysis, accounting:
- Analysis of an Enterprises' Financial Performance & development of computer based' Financial Forecasting models;
- Development and Implementation of Cost Accounting and Budgeting Systems;
- Accounting & Financial Reporting in accordance with GAAP/IAS (Joint Ventures and Foreign Companies);
- Conversion from Ukrainian Accounting Standards to IAS and/or new National Accounting Standards of Ukraine.

c) Advertising and Public Relations:
- Advertising campaign planning and development, copyright in advertising, marketing strategies;
- Advertising budget drafting and implementation;
- Organization of PR Campaign and creation of business's favourable image;
- Assessments of Advertising Effectiveness;
- Mass Media monitoring of performance;
- Media Planning.

d) Management:
- Drafting statutory documents and legal follow up of Business Registration;
- Organizational structure development and improvement;
- Drafting internal documents and job descriptions;
- Testing and analysis of interpersonal compatibility in a team.

e) Other Services:
- Personnel and HR Consulting;
- Professional Recruitment services;
- Preparing analytical overviews of business issues and conflict resolution;
- Professional interpreting services for business meetings.

Partner Search:

a) Search for specific Ukrainian companies and potential local distributors;
- Evaluation of potential local partners;
- Support in negotiating with local Ukrainian companies.

b) Search for Ukrainian or Western partner and/or for investor by means of:
- Our extensive knowledge of the Ukrainian business environment, our collaboration with other local organisations and our own information resources (databases and directories of local companies);
- Our numerous contacts with foreign organizations: Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Europe, similar agencies, associations of industrialists and businessmen, economic departments of foreign Embassies in Ukraine, etc.
- Distributing your business proposals to specialized integrated European networks: BRE and European InfoCentres (in 72 countries, audience up to 2 million people);
- Publishing your proposal on our WebPages and search for information on the Internet.

c) Information services:
- Search for any business information in European databases and catalogues according to your criteria;
- Information for the managers about possible opportunities in Europe within some Western companies;
- Information on credit lines available in Ukraine, technical assistance projects and international organizations;
- Legislation and taxation;
- Internet Search.

Professional training services:

a) Training courses, which improve business expertise and management skills:
- Business Planning;
- Financial Management of your Enterprise;
- Transformation of Ukrainian Accounting System in accordance with International Accounting Standards and/or new National Accounting Standards of Ukraine;
- Market Research: Problems and Techniques;
- The Art of Successful Sales;
- Organization and Implementation of Market Research Studies;
- Advertising as a Marketing Tool: Theory and Practice;
- Organizational and Psychological Management.

b) Business Development Seminars:
- Marketing Tools for Small Businesses;
- Budgeting and Planning;
- Legal Framework for Entrepreneurship;
- Creativity in Contemporary Advertising;
- Economic Concepts Underlying Leasing;
- Risk Assessment and Management;
- Break-Even Analysis;
- Human Resource Management;
- How to Start up a Consulting Business.

Our clients reflect the diverse nature of enterprises operating within Chernihiv & the adjoining region. The CHERNIHIV CONSULTING CENTER is a Full-Service provider of Business Services which custom designs its services to meet our CLIENTS' specific needs. A list of CLIENTS served during the past year is listed below:

"Disel+" (Advertising Agency);
"Gold Future" (Advertising Agency);
"Reklama & Pechat" (Advertising Agency);
CJSC "Technosoyuz" (Automobile Service);
"Noviy Chernigov" (Broadcasting);
"ChEK", Ltd. (Computers & Network Installation);
"ITEC" (Computer & Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer);
"Salti-Brok" (Customs-Brokerage Company);
JC "Soneko" (Customs-Brokerage Company);
"Spais" (Distributor of Bosch Equipment);
OJSC Nosovka Plant " (Pobedit"Diversified Holdings);
"Salamandra Desna" (Insurance Company);
"VV-Personal" (Personnel Agency);
"Van Urk Ukraine" (Piano Production & Manufacturing);
"Zirka+" (Publishing);
"VV", Ltd. (Stationery);
"Geim Park", Ltd. (Trading & Photo Printing Services);
"Kotloremservis", Ltd. (Trading Company);
"Zilber-Pak" (Trading Company);
OJSC "Chernigovwool" (Wool & Processing).