Institute of Impulsive Processes and Technologies

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    43a Bohoyavlensky ave, c. Mykolayiv, 54018, Ukraine
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    +38(0512) 55-82-22, 55-82-52
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Director - Alexander Vovchenko

Institute of pulse processes and technologies (IPPT) at National Academy of Sciences (NAS) - is the institution that specializes in studies of physical & engineering aspects of a high-voltage discharge in condensed media, and creation of high-performance environmentally appropriate resource- and energy-saving pulse technologies on its basis.

IPPT at NAS of Ukraine works in accordance with the following main scientific courses:
- the investigation of the impulse excitation of high-intensity energy flows on the multiphase media, various materials and structures and creation of new technologies on this basis;
- the development of the theory of pulse processes of energy conversion, the creation of pulse power sources of high density, and their control systems.