ExpoMykolayiv Company

  • Address:
    3b, Sudnobudivnykiv sq., c. Mykolayiv, 54017, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 36-02-49, 47-93-02, 47-93-19
  • Web-site:
Chairman of the Board - Oleksandr Smyslov

Sphere of business:
- organizing and holding exibitions, presentations and conferences

"ExpoMykolayiv" CJSC is a specialised exhibition center and congress palace in the south of Ukraine, it is also a member of the union of exhibition centers of Ukraine.

The company possesses equipped exhibition halls with up-to-date exhibition stands. For holding exhibitions the company offers premises of 3 000 sq.m., including 1 500 sq.m. of the total exhibition area and 700 sq.m. of open space. The exhibition hall is located in the downtown of Mykolayiv which is very convenient both for participants and guests.

Since 1991 "ExpoMykolayiv" has held over 90 national and international exhibitions, workshops, congresses and shows. Exhibitions are available for all industrial sectors which are the most developed in the Mykolayiv region. For instance "Shipbuilding-2001" international exhibition, "Techmach and power-saving technologies".

A number of German, French, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Danish, Bulgarian and Norwegian companies are permanent members of our exhibitions.

"ExpoMykolayiv" is a reliable partner of those companies operating in the south of Ukraine, the Mykolayiv region.