Khmelnik, Sanatorium Clinical

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    2, Kurortna str., c. Khmilnyk, Vinnytsya reg., 22000, Ukraine
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    +38(04338) 2-27-67, 2-32-11, 2-40-30
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Chief Doctor - O. Galachenko

Ukraine has huge and various natural medicinal resources. Resort "Khmilnik" is one of the largest well-known and popular resorts, which, for the last years, turned into the real health-center and became a favourite place of rest and treatment for 10 ths. of people not only from Ukraine but also from many abroad countries.

Modern treatment-and-diagnostic equipment and highly skilled staff are concentrated in the clinical sanatorium "Khmilnik".

Osteochondrosis of vertebral column, metabolic diseases of joints, infarct, stroke and pancreatic diabetes were called "diseases of the century". These diseases affect people of different age. Having taken a counsel, physicians and engineers designed a unique device for vertebral column extension in the pool filled with radon water. For the treatment of joints diseases it is used radonotherapy together with wave therapy at "Epos" apparatus. Comprehensive approach to the organization of treatment of this pathology and using of the modern equipment and new methods give 96% of efficiency.

For the first time in Ukraine, the method for rehabilitation of the people, who transmitted stroke and suffers from diabetes complications was worked out in the clinical sanatorium "Khmilnik".

A department of alternative methods of treatment was created in the sanatorium. Here the patients have an opportunity to treat asthmatic bronchitis and bronchial asthma in a specially mounted speleochamber. And those who suffer from the kidney and liver diseases can take mineral water "Zbrutchanska" in the pump-room. In the sanatorium there is a complex for the treatment of prostate disease.

As the sanatorium situated in the mixed forest the nature of this place is special. Morning dew, purely clean air calm the patients' nervous system, normalize their sleep. Attractive landscape of the territory, which blends with the forest park, takes away all the negative emotions, pleases one's eyes in any season.

Mechanotherapy complex gains the popularity among the patients. Here you have an opportunity to do exercises on the modern mechanotherapy apparatus out of doors and under the guidance of remedial gymnastics specialists. For those who go in for tennis or volleyball there is a tennis-court and volleyball ground.

In the sanatorium-and-spa treatment complex special attention is paid to the rational invalid food.

Modern treatment and diagnostics complex - clinical sanatorium "Khmilnik" - enjoys popularity among the citizens of Ukraine, close and far abroad because the target of our collective is quality and culture of service and high efficiency of treatment.

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