Dnister, Health Center

  • Address:
    2, 100-richia Kurortu Morshyn str., c. Morshyn, Striy distr., Lviv reg., 82482, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(063) 649-55-77, (097) 649-55-77
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Chief Doctor - Vasyl H. Mischuk

Located 82 km away from the City of Lviv, 12 km – from the town of Stry and 100 km – from Ivano-Frankivsk, Morshyn resort is one of the most famous and best places in Ukraine to treat those suffering from gastroenterological diseases.

Among the best Ukrainian sanatoriums we can particularly distinguish "Dnister" health center built in the forestland of the Prykarpatttya plain, some 340 m above the sea level. The center can boast of moderate-temperate climate, which is salutary for the central nervous system and respiration tract. In summer time, it is hot, damp and in autumn you can enjoy warmth and absence of precipitation. In summer the average temperature is +18.5 C and in winter -4 C. The average precipitation total on the territory of the resort is 759 mm. Air moisture in summer is 83 % and in winter - 73-81 %

"Dnister" health center focuses on treatment of a wide range of gastroenterological diseases and can host 612 guests. It includes up-to-date treatment, diagnostic and catering facilities.

The health center buildings are located in a park, the very center of the resort, with the center’s palace of culture, post office and telegraph office located just 50 m away from the health center.

Treatment and diagnostic facilities can simultaneously receive 2,000 people per shift. There are special rooms equipped with special purpose devices manufactured by "Aloka" and "Sonatse" for ultrasonic diagnostics of internal organs diseases and an endoscopic room enabling to check up stomach and bowels using "Olimpus" equipment, immunoassay and clinical laboratory equipped with "Lyarosh" analyzers, radioisotope laboratory and others. Along with it, physiotherapy room is also available that uses all advanced methods of treatment and that is equipped with the latest medical equipment, in particular, that manufactured by "Promedic" German company. The center also has dental surgery department providing dental treatment and surgery services, an X-ray room, psychotherapy, fitotherapy, gynaecological rooms and those to treat bowels diseases. In the center you will be served by highly-qualified doctors, nurses and medical junior service staff and accomodated in single or double bedrooms. A rental office is constantly at your disposal.

However, the principle curative factor is presented by mineral waters with sulphate-chloride, potassium, manganese and sodium components from sources 1 and 6. As an accompanying treatment methods for urethra disease, we use slightly mineralized water from source 4.

People treated take medicinal mud, ozocerite and mineral water baths, showers, ozocerite pasteup, mud electrophoresis, bowels irrigation, etc.

Diagnostic and treatment facilities make it possible to provide comprehensive and effecient treatment to those suffering from stomach and bowels diseases, some kidney cases, etc.

All recreation events take place in the Center’s Palace of Culture. All arriving at the center can visit the concert hall which seats 650 people, the library with a reading room, the dancing hall, "Verkhovyna" cinema and sports facilities.

Administration of the "Dnister" Health Center wishes you sound health and nice rest!

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