Mirgorodkurort, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    112, Gogolya St., c. Myrhorod, Poltava reg., 37600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05355) 5-21-25, 5-24-21, 5-26-38
  • Web-site:
Head physician - Mykola Melnyk

Types of deseases recommended to be treated in this sanatorium:
- digestion deseases
- diabetes

The main types of treatment:
- Mirgorod mineral water
- medicional peat mud
- medicional nutrition
- therapeutic physical training

Duration of treatment-24, 12 days
Season of the year-all the year
Nutrition-dietary cookery

Being buried in verdure of birches and pine-trees on the picturesque banks of the Khorol river the health-centers of "Ukrprofzdravnitsa", Joint Stock Company, Mirgorod Department-"Khorol", "Berezovy Gay", "Mirgorod" and "Poltava"-are situated in the center of Ukraine.
During 80 years auspicious climate, the Khoral river, unique Mirgorod mineral water, medicional peat mud, up-to-dated physiotherapy section and diagnostics equipment, ecological pure products nutrition help more than thousands people to recover.

"Mirgorod", Sanatorium.
Tel/Fax-(05355)5-30-05, 5-21-87
435 people can be recovered in this sanatorium. There is a special digestion treatment section for 100 mothers with children and 60 pregnant women, pump-room, the only one in the region very effective by peripheral nervous system deseases mechinical therapy section in this sanatorium.

"Khorol", Sanatorium.
Tel/Fax: (05335) 5-26-50, 5-31-48
in this sanatorium can be recovered 460 people. There is a special section for 60 places for Chernobyl NPS accident liquidators treatment.

"Berezovy Gay", Sanatorium.
556 people can be recovered in "Berezovy Gay" sanatorium. There is also a special diabetes treatment section for 140 adults and 170 mothers with children here.
Tel/Fax: (05355) 5-52-65, 5-21-24

"Poltava", Sanatorium.
In this sanatorium can be recovered 508 people. There is a special early and after operation period section for people, who has been operated on stomach and gall-bladder.

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