ARNIKA, Boarding House

  • Address:
    12, Vasylya Bilasa St., c. Truskavets, Lviv reg., 82200, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03247) 6-60-11, 6-60-33, 6-81-10
Chief Doctor - Mykola L. Matsko

The boarding house is located in the park area of Truskavets and can host 80 persons. Truskavets' popularity is exptremly high as there are plenty of mineral water springs in it. The waters are used for internal and externak use. "Naftusya" water is called a unique water in Ukraine and abroad for its properties. The one who once had tasted it, would never need to be reassured in its curable properties.

In boarding house they treat inflammatory processes of liver, gall-related diseases, as well as after-operation period, motoric diseases of gall bladder, residual events after the Botkin disease, inflammatory processes of kidneys, gall-stone-related diseases and after-operational, instrumental removal of gall-stones, gall diathesis, male disorders.

Healing waters, clear mountain air, mild climate, picturesque nature, and comfort of the resort - all these cteate fantastic conditions for treatment and recreation.