Cheremosh, Health Center

  • Address:
    5, 100-richchya k. Morshyn str., c. Morshyn, Striy distr., Lviv reg., 82482, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03260) 6-04-89
Chief Doctor - Mykola Furmanyuk

Ticket for a group tour of 24 days: a room for 2 people - 594 hryvnyas; a room for one person - 660 hryvnyas; de luxe room - 770-1100 hryvnyas. The period may be reduced to 12 days (the cost of ticket reduces proportionally).

Diseases treated at the Center:
- chronic hepatite, cholecystitis, pancreatin that are not inacute condition;
- chronic gastritis with reduced, increased or normal acidity;
- stomack and duodenum diseases in the stage of remission;
- chronic colitis and enterocolitis;
- operated stomack disease;
- metabolic diseases

Other diseases:
- osteochondrosis, female diseases, urogenital diseases (including men's genital disorders); skeleton diseases; neuroses, rehabilitation of Chernobyl victims (adults and children with parents), adiposis

Principle methods of treatment: mineral water consumption, mineral baths and showers, mineral wax, curative mud, bowls and vagine reflux; psychotherapy; inhalation and curative physical exercises; massage, phytotherapy, psychotherapy, impotence treatment.

Center has its own sauna and a swimming-pool

Additional Services:
- tennis courts, a great variety of sightseeing tours and cultural activities