Avangard, Health Center

Director - O. Galachenko

Year of founding - 1989
Number of stories - 2 - 5

Avangard" Sanatorium is a multiprofile health center. Cardiovascular system diseases, bone-muscle system, nervous system , kidneys, liver, urethra diseases (chronic cystitis) are treated here.
There is also a specialised rehabilitation section:
-for patients with unspecific respiratory diseases;
-for health improvement of patients after burns;

There is also a hydropathic, where the visitors can take radon bathes, well equipped physiotherapeutic section, which includes laser therapy, massage, inhalations, barotherapy, therapeutic physical training, psychotherapy, stomatology, dental mechanic sections.

Health center "Avangard" is situated in the Nemirov arboretum, monument of garden-park architecture of XIX century. It’s grass-plot, fountains and arbours, sculptural groups and decorative vases are combined with the landscape. The lakes are connected with each other by elegant foot-bridges. Here the visitors can swim, become sunburnt, boat. The park covers 85 hectares. The plants collection includes more than 160 sorts of trees and bushes, there are a lot of very rare between them: white poplars, red leaf beech, blue firs, Siberian pine, black nut-tree, golden ash-tree, vinegar tree etc. There is also a large greenhouse. Near from the sanatorium is the famous "Nemirovskoe Gorodishche"("Bolshie Valy") - the Scythian city (VII-VI B.C.)