MAYAK, Hotel

  • Address:
    7, Radyanska Sq., c. Makiivka, Donetsk reg., 86157, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0623) 22-33-13, (06232) 6-24-87
Charman of the Board - Leonid Blyznyuk

Hotel «Mayak» (15-storeyed) is located in the heart of miner's land – the city of Makeyevka from 1981.
From the beginning of its existence the hotel became very popular among guests of the city, because the skilled personnel hospitably met all; the restaurant, two bar-rooms and barbershop offered services to visitors.
In 1996 the hotel was reorganized into public corporation. Today it confirms one-star level. Main direction of development at once was reconstruction of double-rooms in single rooms.
Presently the hotel administration and personnel care of best organization of rest for their guests.
Visitors can admire landscapes of the city. The style of interior and friendly surrounding attracts attention. The hotel offers wide range of services to all guests staying in the city. Every suit has all necessary facilities for comfort accommodition.
The employees of the hotel have high level of professional preparation. An openness and professionalism of personnel help guests to comfortably pass the time. The road to the hotel from the center of the city of Donetsk makes 25 minutes, to which one can get by minibus taxi or own car. There is parking site near the hotel.
Not only citizens of Ukraine but also from neighbouring and foreign countries use hotel services. Hotel «Mayak» is a member of the Association of Hotels and Hotel Associations of Ukraine. For fruitful work the labour collective repeatedly rewarded cups and diplomas.
Hotel «Mayak» is a team of specialists falling in love in their business.
The hotel invites all to cooperation and rest.