Frishberg & Partners Legal Firm

Director - Alex Frishberg

- consultation on privatization matters (taxation, terms for obtaining controlling block of shares, conducting of negotiations, designing of documentation for selling/buying property);
- consultations on rights of possession for real estate, selling/buying and transaction registration on purchasing R.E. by foreign private persons and organization;
- selection of the areas of activities, development and registration of founder's documentation with 100% foreign investments as well as joint ventures;
- legal consultation on Ukrainian legislation matters about entrepreneur activities;
- conducting of negotiations and development of investment and trade agreements with different Ukrainian industrial enterprises

Advice on Ukrainian Business Law, including privatization, joint venture formation, taxation, currency regulations, import-export and labor relations. In particular we specialise in real property transactions including transfer of apartments, land use and lease rights, and large and small scale privatization. In addition to legal assistance, our experienced consultants can provide a complete range of privatization-related services (including business and legal due diligence). Also, Mergers and Acquishions, Secured Transactions, Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property, Cable and Telecommunications Law and Natural Resources Law