WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC S.A, Representative office of American Company

  • Address:
    4, 3 floor, prosp. Peremohy, c. Kyiv, 02135, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 274-70-88
Director CIS - Albert Fisher

Westinghouse Electric S.A. - Representative Office Westinghouse activities in Ukraine started in 1993. Since that time
Westinghouse established a joint venture with Kharkov based Company Hartron. The joint venture Westron is intended to
provide I&C Systems for nuclear power plants in Ukraine. It has had initial success and currently Westron supplies CIS
System to SU NPP and ZapNPP. Westron has also a TACIS funded contract to upgrade Feed Water Control systems to SU
NPP. In 1997 Westinghouse has got a contract for PMU (Project Management Unit) at Chernobyl NPP funded by EBRD
NSA. The PMU will manage the implementation of 15 operational and near term safety improvements to Chernobyl Unit 3 and
the provision of a Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant and of Spend Fuel Storage Facility for the station as a whole.
Westinghouse is negotiating a JV with Kiev Design Institute "ENERGOPROJECT" with the objective to transfer nuclear design
technologies to KIEP and make a Nuclear Design Center in Ukraine.
Currently more than 20 KIEP engineers are working in Pittsburgh on AP 600 Program jointly with Westinghouse engineers.
Westinghouse is negotiating a JV with ZapNPP on maintenance and services for Ukraine NPPs.
It has also got a US fund contract for SPDS for VVER 1000. Westron is performing a function of project management jointly
with the Ukrainian organization.
Westinghouse is negotiating an alternative program for nuclear fuel supply.