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    #15, 1/10, vul. Bankova, c. Kyiv, 02008, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 230-20-62, 253-30-29
Representative - Serhiy Ovcharenko

Engelhard Corporation is a major American based international company with worldwide sales of $ 3.63 billion in 1997.

Engelhard operates over 30 manufacturing sites and joint ventures around the world, including one in Ukraine.

There are three major segments of Engelhard activities.

Catalyst and Chemicals:
- catalyst related systems technology to reduce emissions;
- cracking catalysts and additives to produce gasoline, other transportation fuels and heating oils;
- catalysts for use in the chemical industry to manufacture plastics, coatings, pharmaceuticals, vegetable oils, margarine and fats, adsorbents and desiccants for industrial process applications.

Pigments and Additives:
- kaolin based coating and extender pigments for use in the paper and
paper board industry;
- mineral based extender pigments and sorbents for automotive parts, construction products, wire and cable, paint cosmetics, drugs, caulks and pesticides;
- color and pearlescent pigments for use in coating, printing inks, ceramics, plastics, automotive finishes and cosmetics;
- decorative and functional film for packaging and other applications.

Engineered Materials and Industrial Commodities Management:
- conductive powders, pastes and inks for use in electronics, window
defoggers, china, glassware;
- recovery of precious metals from used auto catalyst and other products;
- buying and selling precious metals, base metals, energy and related products to meet customers' logistical and risk management needs.