A Join Stock Company "COMEX-BROK" is one of leading broker-dealer companies in Ukraine. It was created seven years ago, it is possible to say, at the period of germinal condition of the market itself and expectations and mistrusts bounded with this.

Results of "COMEX-BROK" work from its foundation in 1992 are indicative of that the company has managed to find its niche on the stock market and occupy leading positions amongst financial institutes of Ukraine. From a moment of its creation, provision with reliability, high efficiency of conducted operations and unchangeable observance of clients' interest is the company development strategy.

"COMEX-BROK" works with multiple west funds, investment banks, other world stock market participants and has a history of trade operations practically with all foreign institutes investing in Ukraine.

"COMEX-BROK" is called to help an investor to take a correct decision on profitable but inconsistent Ukrainian stock market, as well as to avoid risks connected with insufficiently developed market infrastructure of Ukraine, with difficulty to reregister securities, with keeping and realization of calculations, as well as with absence of well developed legal base.