Brovapharma, German-Ukrainian Research-and-Production Firm, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    18-A Nezalezhnosti blvd., c. Brovary, Kyiv reg., 07400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04594) 6-26-25, 6-28-99, 6-63-19, 6-63-20
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Chairman of the company - Andriy V. Berezovsky
Director - Anatoliy Shevchenko

“German-Ukrainian Research-and Production Firm “Brovapharma” was created in December, 1992. During this time the firm has mastered manufacturing more than fifty names of chemotherapeutical preparations for veterinary medicine as powders, tablets, emulsions, ointments, tinctures and injection solutions. Especially popular among the veterinary experts are antihelminthic drugs: among them modern antihelminthic, anticoccidial, antiproptozoic and insectacaricadic remedies. On a volume of production and assortment of drugs, which are produced, “Brovapharma” takes one of leading places among the domestic producers of remedies for veterinary medicine.

“German-Ukrainian Research-and-Production Firm “Brovapharma” co-operates closely with leading research and development organisations of the Ukrainian Agrarian Academy of Sciences and also with scientists of veterinary faculties of National Agraruniversity and Agraruniversity in Belaya Tserkov. As a result of this, 5-10 new medicinal preparations are annually implanted in production. Often the quality of our preparations are better than the quality of import analogs. At the same time, the prise of these drugs is much lower, this fact allows to compete with similar foreign medicinal preparations.

“Brovapharma” completely provides demand of the home market of Ukraine. The volume of export to Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and other countries of CIS is simultaneously annually increased.

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