Cherkasy Information Systems, (ChIS) Privaate Company

  • Address:
    25/1, Vesela str., c. Cherkasy, 18032, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0472) 71-21-30, 71-21-32
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Director - Gennadiy V. Gnatenko

"Cherkasy Information Systems" (ChIS) Production Company has been a leading company in the Ukrainian market of printing services.
The Company manufactures, repairs, buys, sells and provides warranty and after-sales service of pre-printing, printing and after-printing equipment.
Along with it, the company restores and sells both printing rollers and back cylinders, and a wide range of printing machines. Basing on thecustomer requirements, the company is capable of developing a project on comprehensive customized equipping the publishing house, individual orders, suppling and installing equipment, and training of service staff.
"ChIS" company is also a publisher of the "Grafichni Mashyny" (Graphic Machines) journal.