Fakel, Collective Scientific and Production Firm

  • Address:
    1-B vul. Gogolya, c. Dykanka, Poltava reg., 38500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05351) 9-74-24, 9-79-82
Viktor A. Karpov, Phone (05351) 9-74-24

Main products/services:
Modular furnaces: MT-2(3x3 0.05 MW "Vorskla", MT-2(3x3) 0.05 GV "Vorskla". MT-2(3x6) 0.1 GV "Vorskla-2M", MT-2(3x6) 0.16 GV "Vorskla-2M*";Modular boiler plants: MK-3GV, MK-4*, MK-8, MK-8*, including roof boiler plant MKK-0.5 GV

Additional products/services:
Provision villages with gas, construction and assembly works on gas ground boiler plants, commissioning of boilers and furnaces, designing and developing works, trade in boiler equipment