Khartron-Incor Ltd, Research and Production Enterprise

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    1, Ak. Proskury str., c. Kharkiv, 61070, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 752-00-16, 752-00-17
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General Director - S. Tretyak

Production released the research-and-production industry HARTRON-INCOR:

For electric power industry of Ukraine RPI HARTRON-INCOR develops, produces and delivers microprocessor instrument modules of a relaying and automatics (IMR&A) "Diamant", carrying out following functions:
- relaying;
- the linear automatics;
- emergency control schemes;
- operative management;
- measuring (including capacities, energy, frequency);
- recording of emergency events and oscillographing with discreteness of record of the analogue information 500 mks;
- diagnostics (selfdiagnosis IMR&A, a resource of the cutout, fault localization of electric mains and identification of a short circuit and others).

IMR&A "Diamant" provides reliable protection of the following power supplies:
- Electric mains VL6 - 330 kV;
- transformers (autotransformers) 330/150 - 110/35 - 6 kV;
- trunks 110 - 330 kV;
- synchronous generators;
- synchronous and asynchronous motors 6 - 10 кV;
- inputs and busbar sectionalizing switches 6 - 10 кV and other affixions;
- anticrash automatic machinery (FAM, AFSN, FOL, ALAR, ADV, APN).
On the characteristics and functionalities IMR&A "Diamant" does not concede, and on separate parameters surpasses analogs of conducting world manufacturers.
IMR&A "Diamant" can work as local device RA, and to be integrated in systems of automated data management system of energy object by means of developed RPI HARTRON-INCOR a complex of programming and technical means.

IMR&A "Diamant" are introduced and trouble-free work on a series energy objects of Ukraine.

On demand of the customer, simultaneously with delivery IMR&A "Diamant" de-livery of panels, cases of protection of manufacturing IMR&A "Diamant" is provided.

Introduction of IMR&A "Diamant" will be carried out under designs of institutes of Kharkiv (Energosetproject, HIEP, Ukrgidroproject), Kiyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv ("Energosetproject") and others.

For needs of a railway transportation of Ukraine RPI HARTRON-INCOR makes and delivers monitoring systems of access of passengers to landing platforms (SKD) and systems of visual informing of passengers (VIZINFO)

SKD is intended for denying access on landing in trains of citizens without tickets and the check of tickets of passengers on an exit from a platform.

System VIZINFO gives to passengers the information on a train schedule, on the trains which are taking place on platforms, on an arrival time of trains under the schedule, on time for which are late with arrival of a train, on presence of tickets on trains, on the current exact times and other help information interesting passengers.

As means of visualization of the information are used, designed RPI HARTRON-INCOR light-emitting diode and electromechanical diagram boards.

In its activity the Research-and-Production Company "KHARTRON - INKOR" is guide by the requisitions of Ukrainian national standards series DSTU ISO 9000 (international standards are ISO 9000 : 2000, ISO 9001 : 2001, ISO 9004 : 2000), and also by the requisitions of other normative documents, pointed out in the contracts, requirements specifications or objectives.

The company offers modern technical solutions (technology) based on advanced technology using modern national and foreign componentry.

To its clients the company offers and guarantees the following:
- Scanning of the automation object;
- Development of the requirements specification or objectives;
- Designing, development, manufacture and testing of the hardware and software;
- Delivery, mounting of the hardware;
- Follow-on, guarantee and maintenance service.

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