Basis, Closed Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    2 str. Gorkogo, c. Starokostyantyniv, Khmelnytsky reg., 31100, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03854) 2-21-16, 2-23-16
Chairman of the Board - Volodymyr M.Kovalski

Main products/services:
Finished constructed buildings, structures; release of building reinforced concrete structures, small-sized metal structures; repair of available buildings, appartments, offices (Eurorepair)

Additional products/services:
Carriage of cargos, commodity grout and concrete; services with the aid of hoisting devices

The territory of the area of 7 ha is located on the bypassing highway of Khmelnitski - Kyiv; the area of the production buildings is 6633 m2; the administrative and household buildings area is 775 m2; the railway line is provided with an elevation part for unloading 4 goods wagons; gas is under mean or low pressure; artesian well is 40 m3; electric power is supplied through 2 feeders, supply current is 400 kVA

Legal status: Collective
Form of ownership: Closed-End Joint Stock Company
Privatization stage: Privatised
Code ZKPO: 22772987
Year of founded: 1995

Number of employees: 68, including manufacturing personnel - 55, engineering personnel - 7, non-manufacturing personnel - 5, managers - 1