Kondrashivka Sand Pit, Closed Joint-Stock Company

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    29 Tsentralna str., c. Petrivka, Stanichno-Luganske distr., Lugansk reg., 93613, Ukraine
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    +38(0642) 49-18-38, 49-19-76
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Chairman of the Board - Viktor O. Chumak

It is a closed joint stock company, was registered on May 27, 1994 and features collective type of ownership. The company has four main divisions: mining, road metal-manufacturing, reinforcement-manufacturing and moulding, and machine workshops.

- Natural sand is ready for making solutions, cellular cement and for road-building. Volume weight of poured mass is 1460 - 1490 kg/m3, gradation factor 0.2 - 1.0; content of granules that pass through the sieve is 016 5.4-59.0.
Chemichal structure:Si02 94,88-98,34; АI2О3 -0,31 - 2,30; Fе2О3 - 0,22-1,35; ТiО2 - 0,05-0,13; СаО2 - 0,14 - 0,63; МgО - 0,00-0,32; Р2О5 - 0,002 - 0,039; К2О - 0,12-0,37; Nа2О -0,02-0,15; SО3 - 0,00-0,51; п.п.п. 0,00-0,59.
- Fractional macadam: ФP 3-10, 5-20, 20-40, 40-70, M-1000.
- Quarrystone, screened.
Precast concrete: ciling panels ПК-24-15..... ПК-63-15, ( cavitated, first figure - length, second - width), foundation bars ФБ-6-1...ФБ-6-49, flights of stairs and landings, concrete panels for foundations ФЛ-6-24 - ФЛ-12-24, balcony slabs ПБК-24-12-5а - ПБК-36-12-5а, sidewalk slabs 1000х500, 500х500,1000х1000, shaft baulks and other wares.
- Concrete wares: cavitated blocks for cellar walls ФБП-24-4-6, ФБС-12-3-6.... ФБС-24-4-6, breeze block.
- Metal form: I-VI categories of complexity for producing of any kind of concrete wares according to technical documentation of customer.
- Non-standard equipment:
1. Vibration exciter with carrying capacity 10 tons, weight 3.3 tons.
2. Machine for stropping and cutting reinforcing-bar steel with diameter up to 12mm, weight 2,5 tons.
3. Aggregate for producing of cavitated foundation blocks, weight of set 15 tons.
4. Other equipment - by order.
- Loading slings: 1CK-type - single sling with carrying capacity3.9 tons, 4CK - quadruple sling with carrying capacity 5-10 tons, СКП-1 - loop sling - one sling with carrying capacity 3.9 tonns, hand splicing, split cramp, chokers for timber industry. Lengths of slings from 1.2m and longer.
- Working clothes: cotton, textile, tarpaulin gauntlets puttees

- repairs of domestic and industrial electric motors with power capacity up to 40KW.

In 2000 volume of selling was 1.0 million $

Description workshops:
1. Mountain workshop is located in area of station Kondrashevskaya-Novaya, total area 109.65 hectares, including administrative and industrial rooms - 6.65 hectares, open-cut mine - 100 hectares.
For five years average year extraction of sand is 500 000 m3. It has reserve of sand and wood.. It is connected to electricity and water.
2. Crushed stone workshop is located town Petrovskoe, Anracit region of Luhansk oblast.
Manufacturing area is 20 hectares. Average annual extraction and producing of quarrystone and factional crushed stone is 30 thousands cubical meters.
3.Armature-forming workshop is located in Luhansk, 29, Osipenko street. Total area 0.9 hectares, including industrial rooms 0.4 hectares. Average annual production of precast concrete is 10 000 cubical meters, wall materials - 5000 cubical meters. It is connected to communications and gas.
4. Mechanocal workshop is located in urban village Petrovka Stanichno-Luhanskiy region of Luhansk oblast. Total area - 14.4 hectares, including industrial rooms - 3.3 hectares, storage rooms and grounds -1.0 hectares. Average annual production of metal-wares - 100 tons. Thermo and electric power stations and large ash-and-slad resources are located beside.
5. Garage - transport workshop is located in urban village Petrovka. It have 32 cars, including trucks - 15. Average annual volume of transporting services 3.5 million ton-km.

Cost of assets is 1.0 million USD on the 1st of January 2001. Main equipment: excavators, lifting cranes, tractors, bulldozer, cars, metal cutting machines, welding devices and other machines.
Producing is operates by computers (6 computers) , has fax, Xerox techniques, and automatic telephone station for 60 numbers.

Production market:
Sale of products, that was produced be company, is fulfil in Ukrainian market, especially in Luhansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhya and Kharkov oblasts and in Crimea.

The company is not a monopolist in this production in Ukrainian market, its share in mining of sand make up 5%. In Luhansk oblast the open pit is a main supplier of building sand for enterprises and organisations of building complex.

Transport communication:
Railway and highway are lead to every part of company. Air communication - airport of city Luhansk. Distance from sea port - city Mariupol - 250 km

Company is interesting in evolution of manufacture, improving of quality, introduction of new kinds of goods. For this we would like to create joint ventures in our areas for production of new building materials made of our raw material. It is a production of dry mixtures, glue mixtures and also sidewalk bars with pressure.
This projects need 2-3 million dollars in 2001-2002.
Investors have benefits according to Ukrainian law #970 XIV since 15 July 1999 : "About the special conditions of investment in the territories of priority development in Luhansk oblast".

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