Lugansk Emal, Research and Production Company, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    20, Radyanska str., c. Lugansk, 91022, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0642) 34-36-34, 34-45-02, 50-15-00, 95-33-26
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Director - Igor Rodinovsky

- enameled cast-iron baths, dimensions:
- 1700х750х380 (with wall thickness of 2.3 mm);
- 1500х750х380 (with wall thickness of 2.3 mm);
all baths are set with location legs;
- enameled steel wash-bowls (500х600х174);
- steel enameled shower bottoms(800х800х158, with wall thickness of 1,8 mm);
- water heaters fed with solid fuel (coal, firewood, brushwood, etc.) - enameled tank for water with built-in cast-iron or steel oven;
- enamel for producing household devices, ceramic tile, etc.

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