AzovStroyMaterialy Firma, Collective Enterprise

  • Address:
    135, Martinovsky Massiv str., c. Mariupol, Donetsk reg., 87538, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0629) 38-44-88, 39-78-07
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Director - Konstantin Stepanenko

Azovstroymaterialy, Firma, Collective Enterprise is one of the oldest enterprises in our city. It was established at the beginning of the last century.

Recently our enterprise has begun to produce a lot of new construction products of high quality. They are constantly in great demand. Many of them are unique.

Currently our products are the following:
1. Small-pieces building blocks made of aerated concrete (in winter they keep premises warm, in summer - cool).
2. Paving slabs made of sand and concrete, more than 15 types.
3. Breeze blocks - used for bearing structures of two- or three-storied residential and industrial buildings.
4. Construction lime.
5. Soft-burned dolomite - used in ferrous metallurgy for basic oxygen steel production. Allows to increase vessel lining up to 2000 fusions on one steelmaking unit.

All the products are manufactured in accordance with the state standards and are certified in Ukraine.

Products are shipped by trucks and railway transport.

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