Belokamensky Refractory Plant, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    96 Oktyabrskaya str., c. Soledar, Artemivsk distr., Donetsk reg., 84545, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 216-31-99, 332-79-34, (093) 754-82-89
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Private Joint-Stock Company "Belokamensky Refractory Plant" is your safe partner able to supply different heat aggregates with any kind of refractory materials.

Refractory plant with more than 100 years experience in the field of refractory production is Ukrainian only manufacturer of alumina refractory items with total Al? O? content up to 98%, is active in implementing of innovative technologies to refractory goods production in order to improve their characteristics. Company choose an export-oriented development model, 80% of output has being exported.

Priority guidelines:
- resource save manufacturing of new generation of refractories, which are distinguished by excess environment safety, with high wearing capacity, able to provide advanced final product quality;
- introduction of high-aluminous refractories instead of much expensive magnesia ones being considering shortage of magnesia feedstock.