Azovrele, Mariupol Production Company of the Ukrainian Society of the Deaf

  • Address:
    1-A Serova str., c. Mariupol, Donetsk reg., 87528, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0629) 34-23-63, 34-63-46, 34-63-96
Form of ownership - Public
Employee number - 300
Specialisation - electrical products, consumer goods.

The Company was formed in 1956 with the building in which now clothes manufacture, hardware and nail manufacture are located.
In January 1965 adjusted buildings of training and production enterprise of nail and metal tile manufacture were put into operation.
Since 1972 the company is specialised in electric goods production (low-voltage relays), used in electric curcuits of operation of devices with direct and alternating current.
The main consumers of the company are the enterprises of machine-tool building, power-plant enterprises, enterprises of mine and construction equipment, agricultural engineering and household devices.
Wide range of relays and high technical level of the production, permanent technology improvement allowed to increase production volume annually.
By the end of the 80-s the annual output of relays is more than 1 mln. of such relays as RP-21 and RPU-2.
By 1994 the demand on relays is considerably reduced which made the enterprise shift to consumer goods production. The company starts producing mounting boxes for electric wiring, sockets, splitters, extension cords, activators for laundry machines, gauzes "Rabitsa", plastic componentry.
In 1997 the company starts producing capacity changers for household electric ranges, the changers are among the best in Ukraine as to their operating characteristics. In 1998 the company starts production of a range of componentry for railways. By the end of 1999 production of 4-ring electric ranges is launched. The ranges have gained general recognition and successfully compete at the Ukrainian market due to low prise and comparatively high technical and operating characteristics
At present the company works at mastering of other complex technical goods. Major part goods of the company is sertified by "CETEST" sertification center, Ukraine.

Mariupol PC "Azovrele" produces goods of industrial purposes as well as complex household devices:
- relays RP-2IM aimed for use in alternating current electric drive operating circuits with the voltage up to 380 V and in direct current circuits with the voltage up to 220 V.
Relay with socket TIP-1 aimed for screw adjustment to the wall panel, outer conductors back adjustment with lamella for solder.
- relays with socket TIP-II adjusted to panel with latch, front screw clamps adjustment of outer conductors;
- relay with socket TIP-III screw adjustment to the panel, front screw clamp adjustment of outer conductors;
- universal electromagnetic interposing relays for electric operating circuits and circuits of industrial automatic machinery of alternating current up to 500 V, frequency 50 Hertz and direct current of voltage up to 220 V

Household products:
- 4-ring household electric range "Chayka" of improved design and high engineering performance standard GOST (State Standard) 14919-83;
- bipolar socket for concealed wiring aimed for switching of household electric devices.
- frames RK, UPK aimed for switching of electrical devices to power grid, socket installation, switches;
Production Company "Azovrele" is a part of enterprise complex of the Ukrainian Association of the Deaf (UTOG)
More than 50% of the personnel are ear-invalids. The company obtains facilities for machining of metal manufactures, press-forging equipment, moulding machines for plastic goods manufacture, equipment for galvanic processing of details, assemblage production lines
"Azovrele" company is independent and follows the Ukrainian Legislation in its activity.
The company set firm economic ties with Belarus, Russia and Bulgaria.