Azov Ship Repairing Yard

  • Address:
    2, Adm. Lunina ave., c. Mariupol, Donetsk reg., 87510, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0629) 53-01-91, 53-01-98
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Products and services:
- Shiprepairing, including the complete complex of dock operations and accompanying operations on tank, bottom-onboard fixture, rudder-propeller group; classification and navigation repair of transport and service-auxiliary sea and river vessels; restoring of various vessel`s details by electro-arc and plasmatic-powder surfacing; manufacture of the large list of spare parts for vessel`s engines etc.
- Shipbuilding, carrying out serial construction and delivery on export of vessels oil & debris skimmers of the projects 25505 and 205A, intended for collection from a surface of water of petroleum, all sorts of garbage both floating subjects and realization of service of fleet in ports and on roads; also carries on building of floating moorings, vessels of coastal navigation and ocean yachts.
- Machine building , including production more than 35 models of cable grabs for overload of dimensional, loose and liquid cargoes, and also more than 35 models metallurgical grabs; the release pipe benders, universal bending rolls, disk scissors, spools of electromagnetic brakes; manufacture of various sorts of metal constructions; execution of machining of details on turning, milling, whirligig, machining, total and claw-indenting machine tools; and also manufacture of moulds of various groups of complexity from pig-iron, aluminium, bronze and brass.

From 1995 began the new stage of a history of enterprise - operation in the regime of a port in rendering port services on overload metal production, mineral fertilizers, grain cultures, petroleum began, and also various bulky goods, for what the railway paths, own crane facilities and other process equipment are used a factory berthing line.