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Turbogaz, Public Joint-Stock Company

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    6/4 Dubovogo st., c. Kharkiv, 61003, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 731-45-54, 752-09-81, (067) 546-58-89
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The joint-stock company "Turbogaz", earlier known as All-Union scientific production association "SojuzTurbogaz", was based in 1975 under the decision of the USSR Ministry of the gas industry, as the parent enterprise on the up-to date energotechnological equipment creation and application in the branches. Up to 1991 the enterprise was the part of the "Gazprom" concern.

In 1994 it was transformed into the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" in which structure the design office (Kharkov), the experimental plant "Turbogaz" and proving ground are included.

The joint-stock company "Turbogaz" is the research-and-production enterprise having long-term practical experience on the development, manufacture and application of the energotechnological equipment on the oil-and-gas and power industry objects.

The joint-stock company confidently takes the leading place in the oil-and-gas branch of Ukraine in the decision of a whole series of tasks of the development and application of the up-to date technical equipment and drilling technology, extraction, preparation, refining and transportation of oil and gas.

The joint-stock company activity covers all stages of the manufacture from researches and development before delivery of finished goods "turnkey", including construction-and-assembling operations and precommissioning, attending personnel training, warranty and after warranty service.

The range of the output: At the present time the joint-stock company develops and manufactures the following kinds of the equipment for oil-and-gas and power complexes:
- Turbo-refrigerating units for natural gas cooling in the technological circuits of its preparation and refining;
- Peat-recovery turbo-expander electric sets for the energy of the natural gas excess pressure transformation into electric energy;
- The equipment for oil and gas preparation and refining;
- Installation for the overhaul, development and well boring;
- Blowout equipment for boreholes;
- Oil and gas-field tool;
- Mobile installations of research of natural gas without release of gas in an atmosphere Control head equipment for gas and oil wells;
- Odorization complex for natural gas ODOTRONIK ;
- Gas-distributing stations and gas-distributing clauses;
- Power stations with the gas-turbine drive;
- Full-track heavy trucks for boring apparatus components installation and transportation;
- Gas and air pressure blowers and pumps of different purposes.

During the development of each new construction last scientifical and technical achievements, up-to date technologies and the new materials that allow working in any climatic conditions from Arctic up to the South are used.

The customers of the joint-stock company production are the enterprises of oil-and-gas and power complex of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

The qualification of the enterprise is confirmed with the licenses.

According to the results of 2004 in the Oil-and-gas industry nomination the joint-stock company "Turbogaz was given the rank Best enterprise of Ukraine of 2004.

In April 2006 the. joint-stock company "Turbogaz" is recognized as the winner in the whole Ukrainian competition quality of production of " 100 best goods of Ukraine in a nomination "Industrial and technological production" with production - turbine expansion engine electric power station with capacity 2500 kilowatt (turbine expansion engine electric power station -2500)

The total number of employees of the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" is 502 persons.

One of primary activity of the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" is creation and introduction turbine expansion engine electric power station for transformation of energy of superfluous pressure of natural gas to electric energy with the established capacity from 8 kW to 8 000 kW.

In April 2006 the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" is recognized as the winner in the whole Ukrainian competition quality of production of " 100 best goods of Ukraine in a nomination "Industrial and technological production" with production - turbine expansion engine electric power station with capacity 2500 kilowatt ( turbine expansion engine electric power station -2500).

For this moment our company installed low-temperature TURBINE EXPANDER UNITS AT THE INSTALLATIONS OF THE COMPLEX GAS TREATMENT (ICGT) at 28 objects in Ukraine, 145 objects in Russia, 24 objects in Turkmenistan, 6 objects in Azerbaijan, 5 objects in Uzbekistan; and also 9 objects are in the process of manufacturing.

Company installed HEAT-RECOVERY TURBINE EXPANDER INSTALLATIONS at 3 objects in Ukraine, 1 objects in Uzbekistan, 1 objects in Russia, 3 objects in and 4 objects are in the process of manufacturing.

The development of the design documentation is carried out by the design office of the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" outnumbers 229 persons.

The first in Ukraine disposal turbo expander plant with the capacity of 2500 kW (UTDU-2500), is installed at UMG "Kharkovtransgas" DK "Ukrtransgas" NAK Neftegas of Ukraine: GRS-7 of Dnepropetrovsk LPU UMG was developed and installed by the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" in 1991 according to the contract 155 from 21.06.1991.

The joint-stock company "Turbogaz" participates in the program The program realization of the introduction of the non-polluting energy-efficient technologies of gas transport with the electric power generating using the opportunities of the gas-transport system of Ukraine. The joint-stock company "Turbogaz" on the basis of the contract 234/03 from 28.02.2003 with NAK Petrogas of Ukraine carried out the works on the creation of the tecnical and economic ground of the turbo-expander power stations introduction in gas-transport system of Ukraine.

On the GS "Soloha" GPU "Poltavagasdobucha" the introduction of the unique expansion engine power installation for the cold receiving in the low-temperature absorption system with the simultaneous electric power generating is now introduced.

At the moment the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" has the design documentation of its own development on 18 low-temperature turbo expander units. Technological decisions are protected by the declaration patents for the useful model.

The basic kinds of activity of the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" are scientific, research, experimental development, scientific and technical production manufacture with simultaneous delivery of pre-production models.

Manufacturing of the details, units, the assembly and tests of the turbo-expander units are carried out on the experimental plant of the JSC "Turbogaz" which has in its structure highly technological equipment, highly skilled personnel of about 200 persons with a long-term experience on the high technology experimental and serial equipment samples manufacture maintained both in Ukraine, and in the countries of the former Union.

The manufactured equipment passes all-round tests at the proving ground which has the modern bench-tops working on natural gas and on compressed air at the various expenditures and pressures, allowing the carrying out of natural tests on natural gas of the SHEBELYNSKYI gas deposit.

The production manufacturing is made by the forces of the experimental plant "Turbogaz" experts which have long-term experience of the highly technological and high technology equipment manufacturing.

The JSC "Turbogaz" has highly skilled experts on the construction-and-assembling operations which have long-term experience on the objects of NAK Petrogas of Ukraine . They do the selection of the contractors, carry out the organization of works, make the work acceptance from the contractors and handing-over of the works to the Customer.

Training and preparation of the experts is carried out in the territory of Kharkov training-course combine, having the license for the training on the activities of the JSC "Turbogaz". The teaching structure includes the experts of the JSC "Turbogaz".

Training of the personnel of the customer also can be done during the carrying out of the precommissioning and trial operation by the forces of follow-on group and by the precommissioning experts with the carrying out of the practical lessons on the operation place.

The joint-stock company "Turbogaz" has the reputation of the reliable manufacturer and the supplier of the energotechnological equipment for the gas industry. The production with the joint-stock company "Turbogaz" mark is well-known in Ukraine and in many countries of the CIS where it is run on the numerous units.

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