Etalon, Donetsk Pilot Plant

  • Address:
    88 Leninsky ave., c. Donetsk, 83112, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 263-15-48, 263-40-70, 263-50-46
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Director - V. Prylepsky

The plant manufactures high-precision instruments of measurement for calibration and certification of apparatus exposed to superfluous and differentia! pressure.
The plant is a leading enterprise in Ukraine and the CIS countries in typesize and one of the largest in Europe in the range of apparatus of such type.

- deadweight gage MP-6, cl.0,05;
- deadweight gage MP-60M, cl.0,05 and 0.02
- calibrating deadweight gage MP-600, cl.0.02
- deadweight gage MP-600, cl.0.05
- portable deadweight gage MP-60M, cl.0.05
- micro portable calibrating gage PMKM - 1, cl.0.01;
- calibrating gas deadweight gage MGP - 10 and MGP -100, cl.0.01;
- acid pressure gage checking apparatus PPKM - 250, cl.0.01;
- digital deadweight gage MGTs-60 and MGTs - 100, cl.0.05 and 01;
- differential deadweight gage MPD - 100

More than 25 years of experience premit us to guarantee the reliable operation of our apparatus, it is the best way to save money, isn 't it?
We invite you to co-operation!