Zhytomyr plant of chemical fibre

  • Address:
    1/154, Promyslova str., c. Zhytomyr, 10025, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0412) 33-30-31, 33-30-51, 33-49-06, 39-34-14, 41-83-38
Director - Oleksandr V. Horodilov

Zhytomyr plant of chemical fibre - one of the biggest producers of polyamide fibres in the Ukraine. At present the products range includes textile yarns, monofilaments, polyamide granulate and staple fibre.
The products of the plant are well-known in Russia, Belorussia, in Baltic countries, Moldovia, Transcaucasia and other countries and regions. The plant has long-term cooperation with the companies of Germany, Austria, Ireland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Pakistan, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Korea, Poland.

Polyamide fibres prossess high strength, are resistant to corrosive media and biological factors attack and to repeated deformation, have high heat insulating characteristics.

- cord fabric;
- technical yarnc;
- textile fibres;
- stable fibre;
- monofilament;
- polyamide granulate;
- sewing yarns;
- consumer goods.

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