Romaniv Glass Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    97 Zhovtneva Str., c. Dzerzhyns’k, Zhytomyr reg., 13000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04146) 9-12-39, 9-13-52
Director –Pavlo Filipobich

- glasses, wine-glasses, goblets;
- tall wine glasses, carafes;
- cut-glass ware and items.

The plant consists of two main workshops, which are manufacturing workshop and processing workshop, and auxiliary workshops: repair-mechanical and building workshops, and also energy and transport sections.

Manufacturing workshop is equipped with two glass-melters for crystal and colourless glass production. It is produced manually by blowing-out method. For mechanical strength the articles are heat-treated at temperature of 570 degrees Celsius.
Processing workshop consists of diamond, pictorial and cardboard sections and chemical polish section.
For crystal and colourless glass articles decoration the crystal facet with the help of false diamonds and sand-stream treatment is widely used. Crystal articles are polished in sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid solutions.
The plant has established its own unique style of articles decoration. The assortment of manually-produced articles reaches about 80 different items.
Romaniv Glass Plant production enriches the culture of Ukrainian people, augments the glory of Ukrainian glass making.