Finprofile, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    3 Nezaleshnost str., c. Pechenihy, Kharkiv reg., 62801, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05765) 6-10-00, 6-13-08, 6-13-65, 6-18-37, 6-19-39
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Director - V. Bashkova

- lines to produce profiled floor;
- lines to produce panels of "sandwich" with mineral wool and foamed polystyrene insulation, automated and stand ones;
- lines to produce front elements of "cassette" type;
- lines to produce metal siding;
- lines to produce metal roof-tiles;
- lines to cut rolled metal;
- equipment to produce drainage systems of thin galvanised and painted steel;
- lines to produce open and enclosed profiles for mounting gypsum-cardboard systems;
- lines to produce profiles for reinforcing PVC goods (windows, doors, etc.);
- guillotines;
- units to unroll rolled metal;

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