Pavlivka Brewery LLC

  • Address:
    1, Nezalezhnostii vul. , vil. Pavlivka, Ivanychi distr., Volyn reg., 45342, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03372) 2-24-02, 2-24-03
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Chairman of the Board - Mykola S. Pikuta

Main types of activity:
- production of living beer, production of mineral waters enriched with the natural iodine and production of soft drinks.

Main types of products and services:
- living beer: Ukrainian lager, Porytske dark;
- mineral water enriched with the natural iodine "Pavlivka Iodanka";
- soft drinks enriched with the natural iodine in assortment;
- soft drinks with natural juice in assortment.

Among many important microelements for the human organism the iodine is an important one and its deficit causes the row of heavy diseases. The use of water enriched with the natural iodine is the effective method of addition to the iodides in the human organism. The output of such water first in Ukraine together with the Czech partner of the JSC "Pavlivka Brewery" (Volyn Region) has been mastered. The Pavlivka water is produced on the basis of local table-mineral water, enriched with the natural concentrate iodine of Czech production. Since December, 1998 the Pavlivka water is sold on the market under the trade mark "Iodanka".

The water has the row of exceptional properties and advantages such as used iodine for water enrichment extracted from the natural source and is contained in it in that kind needed by the human organism. The natural iodine significantly improves quality of water and prolongs its storage. The Iodanka well slake thirst, reduces harmful action on the organism of the increased radiation and it is an effective preventive facility.

Except for iodine the Pavlivka Iodanka consists of 19 microelements useful for the human organism, namely: magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and others.

Due to high firmness of iodine in the Pavlivka Iodanka it can be used for preparation of meal in home conditions. The price of the Pavlivka Iodanka is available to all and it is recommended for all age groups of population lived on the territory with the increased level of radiation, foremost for pregnant mothers, mothers-wet nurses and children. To solve the problem of addition to the supplies of iodine in the organism, it is enough to daily drink from 0,8 up to 1,5 litres of the water enriched with the natural iodine.

Due to exceptional prophylactic-medical properties and taste qualities the Pavlivka Iodanka obtained the wide recognition for the short time and got many rewards in exhibitions of different scale. So, in the International Professional Competition of Beer and Soft Drinks, Mineral and Drinkable Waters the Pavlivka Iodanka won the Grand Prix and the Honourable Diploma "For Highest Quality of Mineral Water, 2003".

JSC "Pavlivka Brewery" invites to cooperation distributors from different regions of Ukraine on advantageous terms for sale of living beer, mineral water enriched with the natural iodine "Pavlivka Iodanka" and other soft drinks.

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