Cooperative Society Prizma, for Service and Maintenance of Measuring Equipment

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    23-go Serpnya str., 66, c. Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 719-40-71, 758-80-66
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Chairman - Serhiy V. Tutunov

Cooperative Society "Prizma" for Service and Maintenance of Measuring Equipment has experience of many years in delivery, maintenance and service of different mass, temperature, level, consumption measuring instruments, laboratory and production equipment, heating and air-conditioning systems by leading world producers.

"Prizma", being an authorized dealer of the CAS Corporation, South Korea, has the honour of offering you the whole spectrum of electronic scales and component parts for them.
Product manufactured by CAS Corporation is weight measuring equipment: laboratory scales, commercial scales with different functional possibilities including stamps of bar-codes and other information about goods on sticky labels; commodity scales for receiving and delivery of goods in the storehouse. Platform lowprofile scales for 0,5…5 tons, automobile and carriage scales (to 200 t) and also sensing components from 100 g to 200 g and weight processors (indicators of weighing).

Prizma also represents in Ukraine electronic laboratory scales produced by Ohaus, Switzerland, with different limits of weighing, and with discretion from 0,00001 g and functional possibilities. The electronic scales by Ohaus are characterized by the world standard of quality at reasonable prices.

Prizma offers the production manufactured by Mettler-Toledo, Switzerland, high-precision laboratory scales (with discretion from 0,1 mkg) and industrial scales, control weight systems, analytical instruments (moisture analyzers, refractometers, ionometers, pH-metes, titrameters, and etc.) and measuring systems (pH, O2).

The firm Prizma is a regional sales and servicing center of electronic scales representing the firm MACCA-K, Saint-Petersburg, commercial, commodity scales with different limits of weighing.
MACCA-K is a leading producer of scales in CIS.
The firm Prizma offers the unique equipment by the firm Dosatec, Switzerland, which is a leading world producer of electronic scales for weighing in continuous mode of material passing through belt conveyer (conveyor scales and metering devices).

The firm Prizma, which is an official importer of the equipment by the firm WIKA Alexander Wiegand GmbH and Co, Germany, has the honour of offering you a wide range of the following equipment: mechanical and electronic monometers, pressure transmission devices (membranes); mechanical and electronic thermometers (bimetallic and manometric); calibration and verification devices.
All the articles and systems by the firm WIKA have a certificate according to DIN ISO 9001.

We also represent the production by the firm JUMO, Germany: electronic measuring systems of pressure, temperature, moisture, values pH, oxidizing restoration possibilities, electronic sensing elements, thermostats, measuring transformers, indicator and recording instruments, electronic regulating organs.

One of the orientations of our activity is sale and service of the equipment by VEGA, Germany – pressure measuring instruments. Level measuring systems of any substances in any vessels, channels and wells. Electronic measuring instruments of absolute, relative, differential pressure.

The firm Prizma offers control measuring instruments for linear angular measurement by the firm Brown and Sharpe Tessa SA, Switzerland: digital sliding calipers, micrometers, internal calipers, KKM and etc., control roughness instruments by the firm Hommelwerke, Switzerland.

The separate orientation of our firm is delivery, mounting and service of heating equipment and conditioning systems by the firm Buderus, Germany – autonomous heating boilers, automatic control systems, waterheating tanks, heating batteries by the firm VTS Clima, Poland-conditioning systems of separate lodgings, dwelling and industrial buildings.
Among our clients: Kiev meat processing factory, the firm "South Food Ukraine" (trade mark "Chumak"), the trade group "Rainford", Dnepropetrovsk, enterprise "Agrosojuz", "Concern Stirol ltd", the state enterprise "Transammiak", Berdyansky sea commercial port, "Tetra Pack Ukraine", Kharkiv factory of food acids, Kharkiv brewery "Rogan", "Technocom ltd" (trade mark "Mivina"), Kriviy Rig cement works, Kherson, firm "Flemmming +Vendeln Ukraine", Kiev central department store in Khreshatik street, and many other industrial trade enterprises in Ukraine.

The firm Prizma has developed production of some components for weight measuring scales made with component parts of leading world producers.
Almost all the modern measuring instruments supplied by us are provided for work in industrial information nets and they support most of industrial records of connection.
All the sold equipment by the firm Prizma has already passed the metrological attestation and its term of guarantee service is more than 1 year.

We have a service center where our specialists carry out guarantee repairs of all the purchased equipment and they also carry out repairs of any equipment going into the sphere of our activity. Our service center has certificates from home and foreign firms-producers of measuring equipment.

With best regards and hope for your collaboration.

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