Brovary Plant of Building Structures, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    2 Poroshkova str., Promvuzol, c. Brovary, Kyiv reg., 07400, Ukraine
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    +38(04594) 5-44-00, 5-44-06, 6-61-82
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Director - Mykhaylo I. Dudar

- all range of ferroconcrete structures for industrial and housing constructions
- modern heat-insulating materials;
- products made on the basis of bellied perlite sand;
- wall materials;
- aerated concrete

"Brovary Plant of Building Structures" constructs flats of perfected layout in a parc zone, next to a lake and a wood in Brovary town which is only 15 km away from Kyiv.
To improve the comfort level of housing estates in Brovary town "Brovary Plant of Building Structures" not only implements and develops modern construction technologies but also looks for new forms of activity meant for maintenance of production and marketing. The plant produces a wide range of products for individual and industrial construction of houses.
"To build so that to sell" is a task that is being solved by a self-supporting construction site "Budivelnyk", which is now constructing the third apartment house with free planning.
130-apartment, 10-storeyed house in Hrushevskoho street has the following technical and economic indices:
the number of one-room apartments - 60 - 49.8 sq.m
two-room apartments - 20 - 66.6 sq.m;
three-room apartments - 50 - 96.9 - 103.6 sq.m
total building area - 1235.2 sq.m
total area of flats - 9036.9 sq.m (built in the centre of Brovary).

The third house, which is in Korolenko street (72 flats) is a 5-storey building with an attic floor. It has the following technical and economic indices:
the number of one-room apartments - 16 - 49.9 sq.m
two-room apartments - 40 - 62.7 - 81 sq.m
four-room apartments - 14 - 99-122 sq.m
five-room apartments - 1 -168 sq.m

A 72-apartment house in Chernyahovskoho street has been projected. It will have the following technical and economic indices:
number of one-room apartments - 1
two-room apartments - 38
three-room apartments - 33
total structural volume - 1966.1 cubic m
total area - 4426.4 sq.m
dwelling space - 2504.9 sq.m

According to the customers' order the layout of rooms in the flat can be changed, several flats can be united into one. The modifications of the flats are different - one-room, two-room, three-room, four-room and five-room flats.
Each flat will have a spacious hall and kitchen. The height of the storey from one floor to another is 3.15 m.
Cold and hot water meters, electrical power and gas meters are being set up in each flat, which allows each family to economize significantly using these resources rationally. The projected apartment houses will have the individual roof boiler which will significantly reduce the cost of of hot water and heating.

A new kind of ecologically-friendly materials is used for walls erection. This domestically-produced materials are wall blocs on the basis of bellied perlite sand which is produced at the plant.
Perlite concrete is absolutely neutral material which does not educe any harmful substances, is not subject to decomposition under the influence of microorganisms, does not have limited shelf-life-time due to its glass nature.

The materials do not burn and prevent fire from spreading, increase the comfort of the dwelling:
- exclude drastic fluctuation in temperatures inside;
- save heating power in winter;
- prevent rooms from over-heating in summer;
- regulate the level of air moisture.
Perlite concrete blocks can be easily plastered and painted., sawed and drilled as if it is wood, and, the most important thing, it is an energy-saving building.due to the outstanding thermal conductivity coefficient the wall provides the highest level of energy saving while building maintenance.

The thickness of the wall made of perlite concrete blocs can be 25 sm, while the thickness of traditional wall, made of clay brick should be 1.5 m, according to the construction standards.
Heat-engineering indices of wall blocs have been verified by tests.
The material has been certified.

We welcome you to cooperate.

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