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Director - Olexander Lapidus

Danica R&D Center of Natural Products has developed and patented a phytogenic raw stuff processing technology based on extracting of intercellular fluid and intracellular fluid which almost does not affect the biological structures of the components being extracted. The merciful temperature and mechanical processing regimes contribute to the maximal preservation of original properties of plants and allow to obtain the assimilated phyto products easily. The raw stuff is the high quality vegetables, fruit and herbs growing in pure environment.

BAF (Biologically Active Fluid) is an intercellular fluid and intracellular fluid of a plant containing within the information of origin. BAFs inherit all those healing properties of the original herbs as well as general properties thereof providing for distinguished detoxification effect and enhancing adaptation of the organism. When applying BAFs for the recovery, stable positive results are obtained.

Tablets are produced of the powders made of dried herbs after the new technology. The survey has shown the ability to preserve 90% to 95% of biologically active thermolabile and quickly collapsing matters.

Oils are extracted out of the powders made of dried herbs after the new technology. The oils contain a high concentration of natural fat-soluble vitamins: retinols, tocopherols; unsaturated fatty acids: linoleic, linolenic, oleic, palmitic ones; ferments and other active components.

For the decade the Company carried out experimental and clinical trials of the above products in key R&D and medical institutes: R&D Institute of Drug Chemistry and Technology, Mechnikov R&D Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, R&D Institute of Human Ecology, Oncology R&D Institute, Kharkiv Medical School, Veizman Institute (Israel) and others.

The research data proved high efficiency of BIOLA phyto products for prophilaxis and treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous diseases; at dyspepsia and various metabolic diseases; at invigoration of child's organism; at prevention of early aging of the organism; at enhancing general efficiency and protective capabilities of the organism.

Highly efficient original products by BIOLA are perfect natural and physiological products for cosmetology.

Experimental data allowed to reveal positive reaction by BIOLA products at growth, spermatogenesis, and build-up of birds and animals, as well as their healing and prophylactic effect at various diseases of animals.

The Company possesses a wide assortment of phyto products which can satisfy everyone regarding the haunted goal and individual peculiarities of the organism.

Phyto products by BIOLA are 100% natural products containing no conserving agents and/or chemical colorants.

All BIOLA products are certified and recommended by Ministry of Health of Ukraine as healing and prophylactic means.

Flagroot, sweetflag Acorus calamus(BAF, tablets)
recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory organs. A perfect scalp corroborant.

Pigweed Amaranthus (oil)
Lowers sugar level in blood at diabetes; enhances general resistance and adaptation; prevents early aging of the organism.

Haw Grataegus sanguinae(BAF, tablets)
normalizes heart activity and peripheral vases tonus; lowers arterial pressure and increased neurilic activity.

Elecampane Inula helerium (BAF, tablets)
recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at inflammation of respiratory organs and gynecopathy; prevents formation of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. A perfect scalp corroborant.

Rice germ (oil) protects tissues from destruction by free radicals; increases potency; helps in normalization of menstruation function; widely used in cosmetology.

Cabbage Brassica oleraceae (BAF) lowers cholesterol level at atherosclerosis; normalizes intestines microflora at disbacteriosis; helps to loose weight.

Chestnut Aesculus hippocastarum (BAF, tablets) recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at diseases of veins: thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, haemorrhoids.

Nettle Urtica dioica (BAF, tablets) used as a blood detergent; immunity builder; good scalp corroborant

Burdock Arctum lappa (BAF, tablets, oil) used to heal a wide variety of diseases: hepatitis, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis, sal metabolic disturbance, dermal diseases, scalp corroborant.

Carrot Daucus sativus roche (BAF, tablets, oil) improves eyesight; normalizes blood peripheral circulation; decreases skin and mucous membrane phlogistic developments.

Juniper Juniperus communis (BAF, tablets) efficient antibacterial mean: used as a healing and prophylactic mean at infectious and virus diseases, tuberculosis, nephrites.

Sagebrush, wormseed, wormwood, absinth Artimisia absinthium (BAF, tablets)
Recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at gastrointestinal tract diseases, lambliosis and helminth invasions, normalizes menstruation cycle dysfunction; corroborates nervous system.

Tansy (BAF, tablets) Lowers increased neurilic activity; takes a cholagogue effect; used at gynaecological inflammatory disorders.

Silybum marianum (tablets, oil) active liver protector (regenerates liver cells): recommended at hepatitis, cirrhosis, intoxication, psoriasis.

Ash, rowan Sorbus aucuparia (BAF, tablets) a polyvitamin product; stimulates heart activity; lowers arterial pressure; builds up immunity.

Beet Beta vulgaris(BAF, tablets)
lowers arterial pressure; recommended at gastritis, colitis, constipation; contributes to perfecting blood activities at anaemia.
Pine Pinus silvestris (BAF, tablets)
Antibacterial product; recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at virus diseases, bronchitis, tuberculosis; builds up immunity.

Sophora Sophora japonica (BAF, tablets)
An effective adaptogenetic mean; lowers sugar level in blood at diabetes; stimulates potency.

Chest blend (BAF, tablets) composed of elecampane, pine, marsh mallow, coltsfoot, plantain. Recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at respiratory organs diseases.

Liver blend (BAF, tablets) composed of hips, silybum marianum, flagroot, elecampane, greater celandine, maize stigmas, tansy, absinth, burdock. Recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at liver and gall-bladder diseases as well as at psoriasis and intoxication.

Nephritic blend (BAF, tablets) composed of tansy, juniper, birch leaves, hips, flagroot, equisetum. Recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at nephritic and urinary bladder diseases.

Weight-lose-blend (BAF, tablets) composed of cabbage, absinth, maize stigmas, knot-grass, parsley, beet, hips, birch leaves, Caucasus hellebore. Recommended at adiposis and other dysbolism.

Heart blend (BAF, tablets) composed of haws, Caucasus hellebore, hips, dill seed. Recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at ischemia heart disease, hypertensive disease, cerebral blood circulation dysfunction, hyperteriosis.

Sal-metabolism-regulating-blend (BAF, tablets) composed of knot-grass, maize stigmas, equisetum, hips, burdock, birch leaves, elecampane leaves. Recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at osteochondrosis, anthroses, nephrolithic and gallstone diseases.

Millfoil Achilla millefolium (BAF, tablets) effects as a resolvent at gastrointestinal tract diseases, takes a cholagogue effect at cholecystitis; prevents development of atherosclerosis.

Horsetail, Dutch Rushes, equisetum, shavegrass, tinweed Equisetum arvens (BAF, tablets) Recommended as a healing and prophylactic mean at liver diseases, osteochondrosis and anthrosis, oedemata of any genesis, nephrites.

Garlic Allium sativum (BAF, tablets, oils) a natural antibiotic, used as a healing and prophylactic mean at infectious diseases; prevents development of atherosclerosis and early aging.

Greater celandine Chelidonium majus (BAF, tablets) possesses oncostatic properties, used as a healing and prophylactic mean at growths.

Dogrose, hips Rosa cinnamomea (BAF, oil) a polyvitamin product; perfects liver function; used at oedemata of any genesis.

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