Sokolnyky, Plant of Kharkiv State Aircraft Production Enterprise

Acting Director - A. Maksymov

"Sokolniki" plant is a part of the aircraft company. The history of plant begins since the 50-ies of the last century. At present the plant offers a wide variety of consumer's goods:

1. Light-weight steel and aluminum ladders:
- access ladders of 2 to 8 steps;
- aluminum access ladders of 3.2 height;
- access ladders with 20 steps and ones of 5 meters by special order.

2. Folding forniture for rest in assortment:
- folding beds;
- stowed folding tables;
- standard chaise longues;
- swinging chaise longues;
- wooden chaise tongues;
- fishing folding chairs;
- plastic seats for trams, stadiums and summer open-air stages.

3.Assortment for children:
- children's sledge;
- equipment for open-air kindergartens.

4. Parking devices for cars.
5. Trucks, economic, food-serving carts for cafes and dining- cars.
6. Hall-stands.
7. Folding and disassembling guarding.
8. Supports for flowers.
9. Items of decorative forging.

We invite the dealers for co-operation.

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