Aromat, Limited Liability Company

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    46, Primakova str., c. Kharkiv, 61004, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 400-15-18, (057) 733-19-41, 733-29-37, 758-15-87
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Director - Valentina D. Blokhina

Aromat, Limited Liability Company since 1998 on the market.

Specialization: production and sale of natural cosmetics and perfumes.

Due to the careful analysis of world's cosmetic tendencies and specially created formulas with best imported and home-produced raw materials "Aromat" presents big variety and excellent quality of goods.

Assortment includes more then 160 names of cosmetics:
- hypoallergenic cosmetic creams for children;
- face and body creams with natural biological stimulators "Special care";
- complex of system for face, body and hair care "Slavia", which includes 24 shades of permanent gel hair-paint
- skin-toning make-up creams
- shaving creams "Hit"
- eau-de-colognes

Pharmaceutics brands:
- medical-prophylactic cream-balsams "Celitel'"
- shampoos and balsams for hair treatment and protection "AromaVit"

Among the pharmaceutical novelties of 2004:
- anti-dandruff shampoo "Vitoral" (ketokonazole 2%) with jojoba oil
- cosmetics for treatment and prophylaxis of acne "Happy Derm"

Other new brands of 2004:
- permanent cream hair-paint "Versavia" (32 shades), toning balsam "Versavia-extreme" (9 shades);
- cosmetic complex for child care "Aromashka";
- cosmetics for sensitive teen-ager's skin "Face to Face";
- cosmetic complex of biological restore of skin "Anti-age";
- eau de toilettes.

All production dermatological tested and recommended by Ministry of Health-care of Ukraine, certified by Scientific-research Institute of Medicine (Moskow), have certificates of conformity of State standard of Ukraine and Russia.

In 2000 LLC "Aromat" was rewarded by Diploma of the International Opened Rating of Popularity and Quality of Goods and Service "Golden Fortune" in the nomination "For the best quality of perfume production"; was decorated by golden medal from "Golden book of Ukrainian elite " in the nomination "Golden Trade-marks" .

In 2003 production was rewarded by Diplomas of Winner of Region Competition of Quality "The best production of Kharkov region".

Production of LLC "Aromat" have a popularity not only on the Ukrainian market but in the Russian Federation, Moldavia, Byelorussia, Armenia and the other countries of Post-soviet area. More then 50 of wholesales companies are customers of LLC "Aromat", more then 30% of them are pharmaceutical companies.

LLC "Aromat" is the member of the Association Ukrainian Perfumery industry and the Russian Federation of cosmetologists.

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