Eko, Branch Enterprise of Ersit, Ukrainian-Russian Joint Venture

  • Address:
    2/10 Pozharskoho str., appt. 301, c. Kharkiv, 61046, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 717-46-77, (0572) 95-96-34, 68-70-14
Director - Oleksiy Zmyivskyi

Sphere of business:
- supplies of pneumatic equipment; pressured air prepairing systems, pneumatic equipment and tools;
- production of equipment for rectification of pressured air;
- energy saving in pneumatic supplying systems
- design of energy saving equipment;
- power-saving in air-supply systems;
- setting a wide range of heat-engineering problems for gas conditioning and drying (air, including pressured air)

Main products:
- filters for pressured air, steam, carbonic acid and other pressured gases;
- filtering elements for pressured air, steam, carbonic acid and other pressured gases;
- filters to purify high pressure (for blowing PET bottles);
- absorbing filters (coal) and membrane filters (sterile) in stainless body;
- breathers-filters for sterilizing ventilation of containers;
- cartridge, bag and pocket filters to purify food liquids (for beer, wine, beverages, alcoholic beverages, water);
- kieselguhr filters;
- wort aerators and beer carbonizers;
- yeast aerators;
- washing heads: rotating and fixed;
- groove piles;
- dryers for pressured air: absorption and refrigeration;
- dehumidifiers, automated condensate-tappers, separators for pressured air;
- end coolers for pressured air (pre-dryers);
- compressor of a wide range of production capacities and producers, general of special assignment (piston, screw-rotor, centrifugal, membrane, spiral, of oilless compression);
- electronic hygrometers and other devices to control gas humidity

Main services:
- designing pressured air rectification and conditioning systems;
- compressor and pneumatic equipment supplies;
- start and adjustment works of pressured air preparation (conditioning) systems;
- inspection of pneumatic supply systems, energy efficiency analysis;
- testing pollutants and issuing conclusions on pressured air quality;
- consulting on pressured air issues, including those of international (ISO), European (EN) and national (ДСТУ, ГОСТ) standards for pneumatic equipment, pressured air quality, parameter measuring methods.

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