Avantazh, Investment and Engineering Company

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    20v, Kultury str., c. Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 700-44-10, 700-44-16, 714-96-93
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President - Anatolij P. Denisenko

AVANTAGE has successfully been working in the sphere of real estate since 1998.All these years the Company has been developing very rapidly gaining high rating among the participants of the real estate market in the city of Kharkov.

The main line of AVANTAGE activity is related to the elitist housing estate capital investments. The company realizes own investment projects offering the high quality apartments on the housing market. The buildings have unique architectural outlook due to the advanced engineering technologies, high quality finishing materials, availability of the contemporary engineering and telecommunications. Our houses meet the most exigent requirements of our Clientele.

Already today the housing estate OLIMP towers as an architectural ornament in Lenina street at the corner of Kultury street - the first 25-storied housing estate in Kharkov. The housing estate OLIMP is a starting project of building-up the "silent center" in the city of Kharkov embracing the space from Trinkler street up to Lenin avenue (along Culture street). This building-up program has been developed and approved by the Architectural Council in the city of Kharkov for the period of up to 2010. We can say that this housing estate is the pioneer of a number of projects developed by our Company which will change, renovate and beautify the outlook of our city, bringing-in spirit of the third millennium.

AVANTAGE is translated from French as advantage, benefit, favorable location and appeal. On our part we make use of all our experience and apply maximum force to give our clients an opportunity to have the winning solution. Are you a far -seeing people? We erect houses taking into consideration not so much current demands as the near future ones. The houses that are offered by our company have all conveniences necessary for comfortable life meeting the European standards. If you want to live in one of the few Kharkov -built houses of the future or in fact in a house of the XXI century you should come to US. Thanks to the expertise of our specialists you'll be able to arrange your life as you please. Our houses are worthy of you!

25 -storied house on str.Trinklera
16 - storied house on str.Lyapunova
10 - storied house on str.Staritskogo
12 - storied house on str.Podlesnaya
9 - storied house on str. Socialisticheskaya 8
21- storied house on str. Culture

One of the main advantages of our Company is that it works in co-operation with the construction firm "Spezstroimontazh". This Company gained 13 years experience in the field of construction and gave a good account of itself in erecting the modern comfortable apartment houses in the city of Kharkov.

Since 1998 AVANTAGE put in commission notable dwelling houses in Lebedinsky street 3, Moskovsky avenue 97, Klochkovskaya street 222, Alekseevskaya 14-a. The apartments in our houses were sold in a very short period of time due to the well-elaborated strategy of AVANTAGE company with respect to the advantageous selection of erection site, high quality work and our reasonable price policy.

Recently we put in commission more than 38 000 sq.m of living space.

The secret of our success can be very easily clued. Our Company works with high degree of professionalism and responsibility offering different schemes for selling real estate ordered by our Company. It is more beneficial, convenient and reliable to buy flats from the first hands. No wonder that the people who want to buy an apartment come to AVANTAGE company. The future apartment owners can invest on down payment basis throughout the whole period of construction work. The cooperation with the Kharkov banks allows our clients to buy real estate on tick.

We are always open for cooperation. We are ready to satisfy any demands of the Clients of our Company in the field of real estate, we welcome any concepts of perfect dwelling.

The project partners are:
Close joint stock company "Spezstroimontazh"
"C.K.C.M" Ltd.
"Avuar" Ltd.

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