Zaporizhzhya National University

  • Address:
    66, Zhukovskoho str., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 228-75-08, 764-45-46
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Zaporozhie National University is a higher educational establishment of the fourth level of accreditation. It is an educational, scientific and cultural center of the Dnieper region. Our university is one of the most popular classical universities in Ukraine. The university comprises 16 departments, 66 sub-departments, Nikopol institute, Research institute of Ukrainian Cossacks History, 2 educational-consulting centers in Krivoy Rog and Melitopol. 11,000 students study 39 professions in the university.

In 1995 the "Zaporozhsky university" multiple-discipline educational-scientific organization was established. It includes 2 colleges, 1 technical school and 15 secondary schools located in the city and oblast.

Zaporozhie National University provides two forms of studies: full-time and part-time (by correspondence). Some students study by the state order (the government pays their tuition), the others - by contract basis. Zaporozhie National University has the following departments and specialties:
- department of mathematics (mathematics, applied mathematics, informatics);
- department of physics (physics, solid-state physics, applied physics);
- department of economics (finances, accounting and audit, economical cybernetics);
- philological department (Ukrainian language and literature, Russian language and literature);
- department of journalism (journalism, publishing and editing);
- department of history (history, archive specialists);
- department of law (jurisprudence);
- department of biology (biology, biology and hunting, ecology and environmental protection, chemistry);
- department of foreign philology (English language and literature, German language and literature, French language and literature, Spanish language and literature, interpretation (English, German, French);
- department of physical training (physical training, physical rehabilitation, Olympic and professional sport);
- department of social pedagogics and psychology (social pedagogics, psychology, dramatic art, pedagogics in higher educational establishments);
- department of management (management of organizations, management of foreign-economic activity, logistics);
- department of sociology and administration (social work, sociology, political science);
- Crimean department of physical training, sport and tourism located in Simferopol (physical training, physical rehabilitation, finances, journalism, psychology).

Besides, the university has departments of pre-study training (preparatory sub-department and access course) and post-graduate education (masters, candidates and Doctors of science).

The university cooperates with many foreign organizations, funds and universities. It participates in 6 international projects. In accordance with these projects graduates of our university receive bachelor's or master's certificates of the European standard.

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