Odesa Marine Academy

  • Address:
    8 Didrikhsona str., c. Odesa, 65029, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 728-26-96, 777-57-74
  • Web-site:
Rector - Mykhailo V. Miyusov, Dr. of Technical Sciences, Academician of Transport Academy and Academy of Shipbuilding Sciences of Ukraine

Odesa National Marine Academy (ONMA) is a worldwide acknowledged Ukrainian naval educational establishment of the IV (highest) level of accreditation. Since 1944 it trains highly-qualified specialists of the crew for marine, river and fishing fleets of Ukraine and other countries (in particular, captains, chief mechanics, chiefs of different services of shipping companies).
Faculties and specialities:
1. Faculty of sea navigation;
2. Faculty of navigation and exploitation of specialised ships;
3. Ship machinery faculty;
4. Faculty of electromechanics;
5. Faculty of automatic machinery;
6. Humanitarian faculty;
7. Faculty of radioelectronics;
8. Odesa Extra-Mural Faculty;
9. Azov Marine Institute of ODMA (Mariupol city);
10. Izmail Extra-Mural Faculty